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Pregnancy. Birth. Postpartum.

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I believe one of the best way to prepare for birth & postpartum is to spend time talking about, thinking about and unraveling the mysteries that surround this tender, yet powerful time. During this unraveling, we realize that we are not alone in our questions, concerns, fears, hopes, doubts and dreams. My classes are inclusive of all cultures, genders, races, family structures and religions and are appropriate for all birth settings whether you are planning to give birth at the hospital, a birth center or at home. BellyFull Birth classes explore the physiologic, emotional, spiritual and practical processes of birth and postpartum. Together we look at how birth and postpartum period are influenced by our our environment, our care providers, our preparation, our cultural beliefs, our level of preparation and in doing so, we realize we CAN influence our experience of birth & beyond. 


BellyFull Birth's classes are fun, interactive, informative, unbiased and evidence based. Blend with that ancient yogic practices to create a broad lens from which to see and think about pregnancy, birth and postpartum. The yoga practice teaches us self care rituals, connects us to the power of our breath, prepares our bodies for birth (this can mean faster healing postpartum, too) and helps us to feel centered and grounded in our minds, bodies and spirits. 


I believe in the body's ability to give birth and to heal from birth. I believe pregnant people are capable of making informed and empowered decisions about how they choose to birth. My goal is that all pregnant families leave classes feeling ready to actively participate in decisions and conversations with their care providers, that all families leave classes feeling knowledgable, empowered and prepared for birth. 

Giving Back

BellyFull Birth raises funds each month to donate to address racial & socio- economic birth disparities and to advocate for birth equality. 

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