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Class Descriptions

Being pregnant is hard work! Join us for our community building, donation-based, weekly prenatal yoga classes at BellyFull Birth studio in the Outer Sunset. Unwind, de-stress, breathe deeply, build strength and connect with other pregnant Mamas as you grow your baby! No prior yoga experience necessary!
*Space is limited, pre-registration is required!

(suggested donation $15-$25 and can be made in person via cash or Venmo)

Bring your partner to a prenatal yoga class! Together learn the power of deep breathing, relaxation, visualizations, meditations, yoga poses for pregnancy, birth positions and partner massage techniques. A very sweet way to spend an afternoon preparing and connecting with your partner before baby arrives!

Prenatal Yoga for Birth Prep

(A 4 week series for pregnant people)

Learn to use ancient yogic practices as a jumping off point to prepare yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually for birth. Practice yoga postures to alleviate common discomforts of pregnancy, to align the pelvis for optimal position of baby, and for pelvic floor health (to prepare for birth and also to heal from birth). Learn breathing techniques, visualization & meditation practices, mantras and affirmations all as a tools for birth. This class is different than a public prenatal yoga class, allowing us to go much deeper in these practices with birth as a central focus. Learn just how powerful yoga is as birth prep! Small group classes facilitates a deeply peaceful setting and the opportunity to connect with other pregnant people. 

Private Birth Prep Class 

Spend quality time with your birth partner learning about & preparing for birth in a private setting. Topics covered: birth positions, how movement helps labor to progress & position baby optimally, the hormonal sequence that supports labor & birth, breathing, massage & pain management techniques, common interventions, basic anatomy, as well as the stages of labor & birth. Come with questions and receive individual attention and a session that is tailored just for you!


Mother Born: An afternoon of postpartum care, for YOU 
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This workshop is for all people who have been pregnant before, as postpartum is forever! Join a small group of people who, like you, deserve some self care and TLC after growing and birthing a baby. This workshop will provide time and space to share your birth story, honor this work of parenting, provide time for journaling, meditation, and gentle yoga specific to postpartum bodies (with focus on baby holding muscles, pelvic floor, abdominals, and restorative yoga). We will end the afternoon with a special 'closing of the bones' ceremony. 

*This is a day for YOU, so please arrange child care. 

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